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Mission and Ministry Tour

Mission and Ministry Tour

Imagine not only being involved in hands-on mission, but at the same time, walking where Jesus walked.

We customize programs based on the interests and skills of the group. Volunteers work, visit Holy sites, and meet with local Christians. We offer a wide range of volunteer opportunities.
• Picking and harvesting olives
• Assisting teachers at local schools and kindergartens
• Serving food for elders and the poor
• Organizing Vacation Bible School (VBS) and Summer Camps
• General maintenance, landscaping, and gardening work for non-profit organizations

Your group’s greatest gift is encouraging the local community.

“We Christians are called to be eyes and ears and voices in situations of deep unfairness and inequity and to call out the disparities that rule the lives of our fellow humans on this planet. Going to the Holy Land has opened a whole new depth of understanding as to the Christian role in caring for the ‘others.’ And yes, this was made clearer in the backdrop of the many places that Christ walked and talked and ministered. This is a must Christian pilgrimage that ties the old with the new, and the call to justice with the now.”
Lorna Just , Former UMVIM-NCJ Coordinator


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