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Why us?

Grace tours offers a range of tours from established itineraries designed to cover the most important aspects of the Holy Land to personalized tours and trips that are created to meet your needs and wishes. We can take the hassle out of your planning, we will arrange every detail of your trip including transportation and hotel stays leaving you free to enjoy your magical experience. Having been operating in the field for years we have established list of excellent hotels and services that we believe offer the best experience. Grace Tours prides itself on having the very best guides that are able to take you beyond the story and really enrich your knowledge with fascinating insight into the Holy land.

We are able to accommodate groups of all sizes, from the most personal trips to the larger group pilgrimages exceeding 100 participants. Regardless of the size of your group the tours remain personal and can be altered to suit your needs. Most importantly regardless of the size of your group we have the connections and focus to ensure that your visit to these holy sites is more than a visit, it’s a true experience, we have local contacts and connections to Christian groups that enable you to form relationships and stronger connections to the Holy land.

Our tours are here to represent you, we simply provide the knowledge and expertise to make your ideas become a reality and a trip of a lifetime.



Why us?