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Study Tours

Study Tours

Gain insight into the Israeli/Palestinian situation with a program that includes lectures, site visits, and conversations with people who make up the diverse population of The Holy Land. You can meet with people from distinct parts of Israeli and Palestinian society, including interfaith encounters with local rabbis, imams, community leaders, pastors, and much more.

A study program is customized to the interest and needs of your group. We work with denominational leaders, pastors, and scholars to create different types of educational experiences. Whether you prefer educational presentations, home visits and stays, or working side-by-side with locals, we can develop a program for your group that will change the way you read, watch, or listen to the news about this region.

It all starts with a call or an email. Let us partner with you!

Customized Programs for University and Seminary Students
There is no better way to educate students on the challenges in this region than to have them come and see it for themselves. Let us arrange a program where students and can meet key leaders from Israeli and Arab communities and visit various sites. We can customize tours to compliment and meet the objectives of your curriculum.

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